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SMTS has been working on Android application development since the start of Android marketplace and is well positioned to develop and integrate the latest advances in smart phone trends and features.

We can convert your idea into a successful business model by developing an Android application and support at every step of the way.

We have the capabilities to architect, design and develop Android applications with acknowledged expertise. We have a successful track record of developing native and enterprise cross platform applications that got published in Android marketplace with significant popularity and reach.

Our knowledge and understanding of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Linux, Java Programming interface, Java Virtual Machine, API, SQL Lite, Frameworks and our experience of working on diverse platforms and devices will enable us to deliver high quality and result driven mobile applications.

Whatever is your requirement, be it development of android powered Games, Shopping apps, Business apps, Geolocation specific apps or Social Networking apps, our Android experts will meet your expectations.

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